Experience Participation.
Experience Excellence.

Our success is based on the commitment of our employees and the values of our "Smart Way”: Self-determination, trust and respect, integrity, sustainability, commitment to quality and personal development and independence.

"We are convinced that employees want to do excellent and creative work and will also do so if they have the right environment."

Our core values form the bedrock of our action, our objectives and our decisions. They are employee and customer-focussed, give our company direction, identity and personality. The core values make all employees partners, shapers and decision-makers and they make our clients partners.

1. Self-determination

We assign our employees the right and responsibility to actively participate in important company decisions and to best possible joint shaping of the company through to the highest corporate level.

2. Excellence

We guarantee our clients the highest quality of our solutions and our service in order to generate value growth for them.

3. Respect

We value competent, committed employees and respect their work and contributions.

4. Integrity

We operate openly, honestly, trustworthily and loyally, and follow important ethic principles.

5. Sustainability

We create sustainable values, we are committed to stable client relationships and foster continuous increase in performance.

6. Personal development

We encourage our employees to steadily and continuously develop their skills through training courses, further education and personal development programmes. We promote intellectual curiosity, the acquisition and transfer of knowledge.

7. Independence

We build on our experience in technological, business and financial areas and remain independent in all these matters.