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Individual eCommerce strategies, concepts and project plans
from the industry's best consultants.

eCommerce Business Planning

The one-off PLAN service packages will help our customers with a strong and long-term eCommerce foundation which is based on high quality eCommerce strategies, concepts, specifications and business plans from the industry's best EC consultants.

From the design of a compelling customer offer and user experience to a clear operational, technical and financial plan, we define the business case for your company and develop a realistic business plan for your eCommerce business and, if appropriate, your omni-channel retail.

Our team works closely with retailers, eCommerce businesses, brands and distributors to understand their customers, marketplace and competitive environment. 

We use the following business planning approach:

  1. We define the optimal assortment and pricing strategy across all channels.
  2. We define the online and general user experience across all channels.
  3. We develop the necessary marketing plans, as well as
  4. the relevant schedules (in particular with regards to fulfilment).
  5. We define the necessary technologies and the overall architecture to support these operations as well as
  6. the right skill sets, capacities and organizational structure.
  7. We demonstrate the business plan including the technology strategy and the financial plan.