Smart People.
Smart Objectives.

Sustainable growth needs sustainable
corporate objectives. Our pioneering business
model is the basis for value growth on the client side.

"In a free market environment, the Smart Way shows that democratic forms of participation and social justice in business can lead to considerable economic successes."

To ensure that our company grows profitably and sustainably, is attractive for employees and partners and develops competitively, we have highlighted clear objectives from the core values: These core values guide our employees when implementing our corporate objectives, which describe a basic attitude with regard to profit, clients, area of activity, growth, employees, management style and responsibility to society.

1. Employees

Our employees are members of our undertaking and share in its success. With our innovative self-determination model we offer them an attractive investment form, a performance-oriented, secure and creative working environment and the promotion of managers in every hierarchical level. We not only value diversity but also the individuality of each and every person and contribute to ensuring that our employees find satisfaction and fulfilment in their work.

2. Profit

It is our goal to produce continuous profits, in order to secure the growth of our company, to guarantee our shareholders, the employees, reasonable yields and to provide resources for our other corporate objectives.

3. Field of activity / market positioning / market leadership

We concentrate on markets, which we can further develop and shape with innovative solutions and comprehensive services. At the same time, we will target new fields of activity, which build on our technologies and expertise and represent the interests of our clients.

4. Growth

We consider the constant movement of the market to be an opportunity for growth and at the same time the challenge to satisfy the growing standards of our clients.

5. Clients

We see our clients as partners, i.e. we share the passion for their business and are committed to their success. We want to gain their respect and loyalty with top quality solutions.

6. Organisation

We create an environment, which motivates individual commitment and at the same time grants creative space for employees within the corporate objectives.

7. Commitment to society

We also consider our economic success to be an obligation to our society and want to make valuable contributions to this community.