Shared Values.
Shared Objectives.

Our success is based on the commitment of our employees
and the values of our "Smart Way”: Self-motivation, trust and respect, integrity, sustainability, commitment to quality,
personal development and independence.

"We take economical and social responsibilities to change the world for the better."

We consider our company to be a place where people come together to share strong common interests and common values, and to become active members of this enterprise. The Smart Way defines who we are and how we work, think and act – it differentiates Smart Commerce in the marketplace.

The success of our business is the result of the joint commitment of our employees.

Values such as self-determination, mutual trust, openness and honesty, integrity, team spirit, commitment to quality, lifelong personal development and independence are the main elements of our corporate culture, the "Smart Way". These values guide us when implementing our corporate objectives, which describe a basic attitude with regard to profit, clients, area of activity, growth, employees, management style and responsibility to society.