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We incorporate the eCommerce requirements for the system to be developed, analyse, specify and assess them. The eCommerce requirements analysis is carried out in the following steps:

1. The requirements collation

is carried out in cooperation with the eCommerce experts; the requirements should be complete, clear, described in a comprehensible way, atomic, identifiable, uniformly documented, verifiable, traceable, both forwards and backwards, and must be consistent.

2. In the requirements structuring and coordination

the requirements are classified and clearly presented. Important criteria are the interdependency to each other, their cohesiveness and role reference. A differentiation is made between functional and non-functional requirements.

3. In the requirements check and assessment

the quality assurance of the requirements is ensured by quality characteristics, such as correctness, feasibility, necessity and usability. Furthermore, the requirements are prioritised.

4. The system specifications

is created as the result of this requirements analysis and assessment.