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"The expert team of Smart Commerce supports us reliably as a strategic partner in the selection of eCommerce technology as well as in issues like architecture, design and development of our eCommerce platform”, said Dirk Lauber, Head of eCommerce BAUR Versand.

BAUR Versand

At present, the product range of the multichannel retailer BAUR Versand consists of fashion, shoes, furniture and furnishing accessories. Target group are customers with high demands on quality and service. By now, over 80 percent of orders at BAUR Versand are placed over the internet. The eCommerce platform has strict guidelines for user friendliness and data security and in addition to is also used by six further clients including and

The company BAUR Versand has realized various projects with Smart Commerce. One of them was the Platform Selection for standard clients. The proven Forrester structure and terminology for the catalogue of criteria and requirements, the weightings and evaluation matrix were used as a basis. The procedure was chosen in analogy to the “document for tender and evaluation of IT services of the Federal Ministry of the Interior”. The results of the “survey” of each vendor were the respective output points, which gave the index Z as cost-benefit ratio based on separately calculated costs. The customer benefit comprised not only an objective, transparent and comprehensible evaluation of the platform alternatives but also a decision paper in which the most profitable alternative was determined.

The project Specification Migration of the eCommerce Platform to Intershop 7 focused on the following high priorities: after the replacement of the existing Enfinity Suite 6.4 system with the new Intershop 7 system, all previous key figures should be reached and (where possible) improved. Furthermore, the feature set of Intershop 7 should be used to its maximum to retain the already implemented functionalities of the existing BAUR eCommerce platform. 

The future use of a new platform by standard clients should allow a rapid roll out as well as a quick highly synergistic deployment of test-based acquired optimization across all similar clients. The customer benefits comprised the clear statement about the scope, the costs and the resulting planning certainty.

In the project Empiriecom IT Mission a new IT guideline was developed for the BAUR and UNITO group eCommerce platform. The objectives of the IT division were broken down into the categories target architecture, services and IT projects and listed in an "IT target card". Smart Commerce supports the head of platform management with target-oriented architecture consulting by experienced IT architects. A new concept for the frontend layer ("Common API") and backend layer ("Managed Services API") was developed and agreed. BAUR benefits of a new basis of architecture that is on the one hand long-term sustainable and on the other hand suitable for the best migration of existing clients in the short and medium term.