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Smart Commerce gets exclusive insight in new Intershop 7.7 release

07.07.2016 –

Jena, Thanks to customer project, Smart Commerce TEC team works extensively with new Intershop 7.7 before office release

On 28 June 2016, the release 7.7 of the Intershop Commerce Management as part of the Intershop Commerce Suite was released. The recent update also includes the Intershop Order Management 2.0 which enables a fully integrated order processing across multiple channels and from different sources. Chosen modules can be used according to business model, individual requirements and company goals. 

Several further highlights were introduced with the release:

  • Higher efficiency for the creation of a seamless shopping experience (thanks to content merge tool, product approval, etc.),
  • New functions and APIs for B2B commerce (OCI punch-out, quotes via REST API, cost center extension, new basket API and many more)
  • Integrated omni-channel commerce strategy with Intershop Order Management 2.0,
  • Intershop Commerce Suite in the Microsoft and Amazon public clouds (cloud service registration & service discovery via Eureka).

Risk and investment can be significantly reduced during the implementation of the solution as the Intershop Commerce Suite can be integrated in different system landscapes without any problems thanks to the Synaptic Commerce approach.

The Technical Excellence Consulting Team (TEC-Team) of Smart Commerce could exclusively gain extensive experience of the latest update during a customer project. Based on the Intershop Commerce Suite Beta, the following essential and new features were implemented:

  • Implementation of the CMT (Content Merge Tool) in a multi-tenant platform for a re-use and synergetic utilization of content,
  • Utilization of the content model which was enriched with changing information to improve the pre-production processes and to simplify the editorial tasks in a multi-level production environment.

The TEC-Team has included these new migration experiences in the Smart Migration Factory. The core business of the Smart Migration Factory comprises updates of an Enfinity Suite 6 or Intershop 7.x system to the latest 7.7 version.

„Thanks to our work with the new Intershop 7.7 version, we could gain an early insight in the release. We were also able to test and implement all new features extensively before its official release. The newly gained know-how strengthens our Smart Migration Factory approach and we will help further Intershop customers during future implementations of the new release”, explained Smart Commerce board member Frank Schneider.

About Smart Commerce SE:

Smart Commerce provides a complete range of services for planning, construction and operation of high-end eCommerce platforms. The company is devoted to the long-term online success of its business partners. With experienced eCommerce experts and specialized technical know-how on all commonly used platforms, Smart Commerce excels in all things involving eCommerce – from online shops to web analysis. The Smart Way is our corporate culture: All employees are stakeholders, creators and act as the company’s controlling body. They hold shares in SE and actively help to shape the company’s direction, from job-specific decisions to entrepreneurial values, objectives and management principles. The European Company (SE) is both the company's brand and its legal identity.

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