Smart Services.
European Operation.

eCommerce is a global business. Therefore, as a European Company (SE) we opt for flexible cross-border growth and Europewide market presence.

European Market Presence

Our company is a "Societas Europaea" (SE) – a European public limited liability company with legal form of the European Union and the European Economic Area. This enables international operating in national branches. As an SE, Smart Commerce can expand its business Europe-wide, without having to form subsidiaries according to the respective national law. The company structure will therefore remain lean in the future and saves administration and legal advice costs.

Smart Commerce is managed with a dual system, i.e. our management board is controlled by a supervisory board, in which the company's employees are also represented.

The European company (SE) is a new form of company. Nevertheless it is already popular in Germany: A range of prominent members, including Daimler, Porsche, Allianz, Bertelsmann, BP, E.ON, MAN, Würth, Berner, Conrad, Deichmann and BASF have already changed the legal form of their companies. By trading as a European Company (SE) we deliberately want to signal our internationality and prestige.