Smart Customers.
Smart Business.

Smart Commerce supports its customers from different industries professionally, flexibly and cooperative in various problems.


„Smart Commerce stood out not only due to the quick familiarization, the high-quality design and development work, the clear and transparent reporting at all times but also due to the efficient and flexible resource management.“, said Matthias Brunner, Head of Software Development at nexMart. 


As an integral eBusiness service provider, nexMart supports its customers along the complete supply chain. Thanks to innovative products, all B2B activities can be easily displayed and with that the business processes of distributors can be simplified and optimized through the provision of numerous data and services in the form of efficient and automated eBusiness workflows. At the same time, nexMart does not only support its customers in the field of purchase but also provides numerous multichannel activities.

The intelligent and efficient solutions for electronic procurement, data acquisition, support of the field service as well as the electronic communication between suppliers, distributors and their customers stand out as an essential part of the portfolio. NexMart is specialized in the building industry but also offers its services to other industries. 

In a first project, Smart Commerce supported nexMart during the development, the testing and the go live of the new retail Connect service. This service offers end customers a direct connection to the online shops and branches of specialist shops thanks to direct links on the suppliers´ websites.  

The tasks which were undertaken by Smart Commerce comprised the ranking of distributor offers, the tracking of service retrievals as well as the development and execution of performance tests.

In a further project, Smart Commerce supported nexMart in the form of conceptual activities. The challenge here included the merger and standardization of price and availability information from heterogeneous sources.

The customer benefit of these two projects mainly consisted of a fast and target oriented planning and development work with high quality standards.