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Leading eCommerce Search Solution


Smart Commerce and Omikron signed a partnership agreement in July 2013. As the leading e-commerce search solution in Europe, FACT-Finder has a proven record of increasing customer conversion rates. FACT-Finder combines intelligent technologies to form an optimal solution that features fault-tolerant searching, data-driven merchandising, dynamic filtering and a powerful self-learning ability. Smart Commerce is pleased to add FACT-Finder to its portfolio of featured products.

FACT-Finder provides more than conventional search methods, based only on word lists requiring intensive maintenance. The search system knows the customers' product data and preferences and leads them to the required product. It displays the suitable result to visitors, even if the input differs from the web shop's product list due to typing errors, transposed words or different spelling. FACT-Finder increases the conversion rate and turnover of an online shop.


Unlike these approaches, FACT-Finder combines intelligent technologies to form an overall solution with optimum usability:

  • Error tolerance: FACT-Finder "understands" typing errors, compounds, singular/plural, etc. without manual maintenance.
  • After Search Navigation (ASN): The ASN leads customers selectively from the search to the required product, and it is multi-directional.
  • Thesaurus: FACT-Finder recognises synonyms such as laptop and notebook and therefore returns even better search results.
  • Merchandising: Individual search campaigns display adapted results pages for special search terms.