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eCommerce is a global business. Therefore, as a European Company (SE) we opt for flexible cross-border growth and Europewide market presence.

New company of ex-Intershop directors provides services for the planning, construction and operation of eCommerce solutions

24.07.2012 –

Smart Commerce SE was founded in May 2012. The new company is devoted to the online success of its business partners. It is starting with a team of technical experts and offers planning, construction and operation of complete eCommerce solutions. The services offered are aimed and medium and large traders and manufacturers.

The company's special features are: 1) Smart Commerce is managed by two former Intershop directors, known in the industry, Friedhelm Bischofs as chairman of the supervisory board and Dr. Ludger Vogt as chairman of the management board. 2) The technical excellence consulting (TEC) team delivers excellent technical services to clients in the first step and 3) the Smart Way is the corporate culture: All employees are stakeholders, shapers and a controlling body; they determine the company themselves. Smart Commerce plans to have around 10 employees by the end of the year and double the number of employees in each of the following years.

"We help businesses to achieve their eCommerce growth strategies. To do this, we have defined the "Smart Way", which also describes the high quality standard, to guarantee excellent services", says the chairman of the board Dr. Ludger Vogt.

The larger a eCommerce system is, the more important the excellence of its architecture. It determines the performance, security and future of the system. For this, Smart Commerce develops eCommerce architectures, which foresee and take into account future requirements.

"Our business partners have TOP consultants and a technical excellence team to hand, which has many years of experience and specialised know-how in leading eCommerce systems. Precisely matched to the respective requirements of the business partner, we provide eCommerce solutions for the current challenges of successful online traders", explains Friedhelm Bischofs.

About Smart Commerce SE:

Smart Commerce provides a complete range of services for planning, construction and operation of high-end eCommerce platforms. The company is devoted to the long-term online success of its business partners. With experienced eCommerce experts and specialized technical know-how on all commonly used platforms, Smart Commerce excels in all things involving eCommerce – from online shops to web analysis. The Smart Way is our corporate culture: All employees are stakeholders, creators and act as the company’s controlling body. They hold shares in SE and actively help to shape the company’s direction, from job-specific decisions to entrepreneurial values, objectives and management principles. The European Company (SE) is both the company's brand and its legal identity.

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