Smart Company.
Smart Management.

The management positions of Smart Commerce are held by former Intershop directors, known within the industry. They contribute longstanding trading and eCommerce experience.

Executive Board

Dr. Ludger Vogt

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Smart Commerce SE

Dr. Ludger Vogt studied computer science at RWTH Aachen University and received his doctorate in information management in 1992. He started his career at Oracle, where he was first responsible for the presales department and later for Oracle Consulting in the former East Germany. He was then responsible for a consulting unit of DaimlerChrysler (debis) Berlin. In 1999, he left Daimler Chrysler to join Intershop in Jena, where he held various management positions until his departure at the end of Q1 2012.

In spring 2007, Dr. Vogt was decisively involved in the restructuring of Intershop initiated by Friedhelm Bischofs. Under his management, the project turnover was increased significantly and the international sales activities were expanded, so that the company has since reported stable sales and profits. In December 2008, Dr. Vogt was appointed Director of Sales and Consulting. Intershop then achieved record results in 2010 and 2011.

Frank Schneider

Executive board member (COO)
Smart Commerce SE

Frank Schneider studied computer engineering at the Cooperative State University Karlsruhe between 1989 and 1992. During his studies, he already worked in the field of software and hardware sales in and around Karlsruhe.

Subsequently, Mr. Schneider was responsible for the set up and maintenance of NeXT systems at Cube Informationssysteme GmbH in Stuttgart. After only two years, he became managing director of the company, which now dealt with software development for web-based applications and document archiving.

In 1997 the company was taken over by Intershop. Under the successful leadership of Mr. Schneider a professional services branch was founded in Stuttgart. Between 2008 and 2013, the number of employees increased significantly and new record results were achieved.

Supervisory Board

Friedhelm Bischofs

Chairman of the supervisory board 
Smart Commerce SE

Friedhelm Bischofs began his career as trainee in the department store Horten where he held the position as department store manager for many years. He then held first and second level management positions in renowned trading companies like Primus (subsidiary of the Metro Group in Düsseldorf), the REWE Group, the Hertie department store, the Spar trading company (today: subsidiary of Edeka).

In 1995, he became self-employed and, among other things, was the shareholder of an eCommerce business. In 2007, Friedhelm Bischofs was appointed chairman of the management board of Intershop Communcations AG in Jena. In close cooperation with Dr. Vogt, he initiated the restructuring of the deficit-ridden company. Under their management, project turnovers were increased significantly and the international activities were extended, which ultimately led to the lasting recovery of Intershop.

Henry Göttler

Member of the Supervisory Board 
Smart Commerce SE

Between 1986 and 1995, Henry Göttler studied among others mathematics in Taizhong (Taiwan) and Tübingen and from 1996 to 2001 business administration in Stuttgart. After that, he worked in the IT department of Hewlett Packard for 9 years.

From 2001 on Henry Göttler was the head of international customer support at Intershop. After various management positions, he was appointed to the executive board in the year 2008 and became responsible for the Full Service eCommerce department at the same time. During his 12 years of service at Intershop, Henry Göttler contributed substantially to the success of the company.

Most recently, he worked as executive board member at Saperion AG which is based in Berlin and joined the executive board at SNP AG in July 2014. In his new role, he is mainly working on the implementation of the SNP strategy in the daily business.

Klaus Becker

Member of the Supervisory Board
Smart Commerce SE

Klaus Becker studied Computer Engineering at the Cooperate State University Karlsruhe from 1989 to 1992. He started his career as Software Engineer in the research department of the Nuclear Research Center Karlsruhe. He later worked as System Administrator at Gebhardt Fördertechnik and as Software Engineer at Cube Informationssysteme.

After the acquisition of Cube Informationssysteme by Intershop in 1997, he held various positions and was involved in eCommerce projects of well-known enterprises like Bosch Powertools, Häfele, Lechler, Alcatel, Smart, Daimler and Merck. During this time, he took on challenging tasks like project setups and specifications, software architecture, technical project management and project management as well as support, system monitoring and operational support.

Since 2013, Klaus Becker has been working as Technical Director at Smart Commerce and leads, inter alia, as Global Project Manager the successful implementation of eCommerce targets of major customers.

Matthias Schneider

Member of the Supervisory Board
Smart Commerce SE

Matthias Schneider studied business information technology at Duale Hochschule in Stuttgart. During his studies, he already gained eCommerce experience at businessMart AG. Mr Schneider developed mobile apps for businessMart besides the software development based on Intershop Enfinity.

After successfully completing his studies, Mr Schneider started working for nexMart GmbH & Co. KG in the fields of project management & business development. He later became Head of Product Management, CTO/Technical Director and an authorized signatory of the company and was responsible for all technical departments including development, product management, professional services and IT-services.

As of 1st January 2017, Matthias Schneider will take over the management as Head of eCommerce for all international activities in the area of online & eCommerce at fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG.