Common Objectives.
Common Success.

As members, the partners, the supervisory board and the management board have the same objectives. This secures the sustainable development of the company.

Company structure to ensure growth, increase in expertise and profitability

Our company has four governing bodies: the management board, the supervisory board, the partners' advisory board and the general shareholders' meeting. The annual general shareholders' meeting is used for information purposes and takes fundamental business decisions.

The Management Board, represented by Dr. Ludger Vogt and Frank Schneider, is the executive body of the management and represents the company in legal and business transactions. Members of the management board are nominated by the supervisory board. Their period of office is 5 years maximum, re-appointment for further periods is possible any number of times. 

The chairman of the Supervisory Board is Friedhelm Bischofs, also a former board member of Intershop AG. Additionally, an employee of the company is part of the supervisory board. The supervisory board monitors and advises the management board and represents the company in the appointment and dismissal of members of the management board.

The Partners' Advisory Board is not required by law, but is a voluntary body of the company. It will consolidate the interests of European partners. The partners' advisory board will not be initiated until a later development phase.

The annual general shareholders' meeting decides, among other things, about the discharge of the managing and supervisory boards, votes on important issues such as changes to the memorandum and articles of association, capital increases or inter-company agreements and makes proposals for the appropriation of retained earnings.