Shared Responsibility.
Shared Success.

Employees are our most valuable resource
and as stakeholders they not only share in the decision-making
but also in the company profits.

We make our employees active members of our company

We consider our employees to be members of a
joint and collaborative business initiative . They are the most sustainable and valuable resource of Smart Commerce. This is why we have opted for an innovative partnership model, for material participation of the members in the firm in the form of shares and for long-term, individual personal development. Our members are stakeholders, creators and a governing body. They pursue both personal and entrepreneurial goals through their active participation in Smart Commerce.

The innovative partnership model extends beyond remuneration, profit share and other monetary benefits: As members of our initiative, all employees are involved in in-house and long-term strategic decisions.

They actively help to shape entrepreneurial values, objectives and management principles and take on responsibility for processes, technologies, personnel decisions and cooperation with partner businesses.

In order to comprehensively achieve our corporate values, we set the highest standards for participation in our organization and the qualifications of our employees; their creativity, flexibility, innovation and team-values. Self-determination, commitment and its recognition, a trusting and respectful cooperation, an uncompromising integrity, continual personal development, independence and last but not least, a share in the company's financial success are all key attributes of working at SmartCommerce.