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Excellence Program ("E-Program")

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Sustained personal development is based on a system of "skill ramp up", which measures the quantity of training, use of know how and its passing on (KNOW – USE – PUSH) in a scorecard for each employee. It promotes development through recognition of knowledge transfer (PUSH) and also rewards it financially. Last but not least, sustained personal development is anchored in the objectives system and in the core values of Smart Commerce.

In its Excellence Program, Smart Commerce has created a systematic methodology of specialist areas, skills and skill sets, and profile dimensions on the basis of which progressive personal development takes place. The four profile dimensions are eCommerce business, IT and web technology, management and project management and soft skills.

A profile dimension such as IT and web technology itself contains areas of competence such as basic technologies, EC server know how, payment technologies, etc. A single area of competence such as basic technologies contains skills such as Java, J2EE, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

The example of the profile dimension "eCommerce Business" is used to explain the further concept. The "functional architectures" block contains the individual skills such as skills for payment methods, dispatch methods, credit and address checking, delivery processes or credit card processes. The "eBusiness processes" block contains the skills for product information management, for (online) marketing, order management, customer management or fulfilment. Finally, the "shop management" block contains the skills for portfolio planning, content management, business operation or shop benchmarking.

All relevant skills are identified in individual employees and are presented in structured form in a skills database. The individual competency profiles are drawn up in simple, convenient steps which is done by the employees themselves.

The aggregation of existing skills in a competency map provides a clear overview of the distribution of relevant competencies within the entire company.