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"An outstanding positive effect of the Smart Way is personality development, which is closely integrated in the model: the personal development of employees and the development of the company are compatible and promote each other."

Smart Commerce offers its employees "Shared Ownership. And Shared Responsibility‚ÄĚ.

In specific terms, this means:

Each employee is an active member and shaper of our joint undertaking.
Apart from exciting, demanding and responsible activities, which are offered in many different places, active and committed employees shape and organise the undertaking themselves.

Each employee is a shareholder and participates accordingly.
Our employees have a tangible share in Smart Commerce. They participate according to their contribution to the company's growth in value and in dividend payouts.

Each employee is a co-decision make up to the highest corporate level.
Our employees also have an intangible share in Smart Commerce. They not only make decisions regarding job-related issues but also about strategic plans through their representative on the supervisory board.

Each employee experiences unique self-realisation through sustained personal development.
We have developed a unique Excellence Program for our employees, which encourages and purposefully accelerates their professional development. Passing on know-how is a central theme and is consistently recognised and rewarded in our company.

Each employee experiences consistent recognition of his/her work, contributions and successes.
Our employees contribute their work and skills in three areas: in the paid work for our clients, in passing on knowledge and in sales activities. This work is recognised and rewarded in each specific area.